Tom Brady apologizes for yelling at OC Josh McDaniels

The cameras were on Tom Brady when he was yelling at offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels last Sunday, and now the Patriots quarterback is apologizing for lashing out.

Jones carries a lot of weight in the NFL. He drove the league’s return to Los Angeles and its coming foray into Las Vegas. Few can lead the room full of owners the way the “de facto commissioner” can. So when he threatens to come after the real commissioner, it’s significant.

There’s a more personal element in the Elliott suspension for Jones too, besides just the potential of losing one of his best players for six games. Jones fought the NFL over its investigation into the accusations against Elliott, who was not charged by Ohio authorities who also investigated him, from the start.

How much respect does Bill Belichick have for the Dolphins? Likely not much.

The Patriots coach dialed up a fake punt on a fourth-and-9 from the New England 26-yard line just 48 seconds into Sunday’s game at Gillette Stadium.

The conversion extended the drive that ended with a 2-yard plunge into the Cheap Jerseys NBA Jerseys end zone by running back Rex Burkhead. Not everything went according to plan, however. Ebner suffered a knee injury on the run and was ruled out for the remainder of the game.

The Patriots added another touchdown in the first quarter on a Cheap Jerseys Mall 5-yard pass from Tom Brady to Rob Gronkowski and held a 14-0 lead after one quarter of play. The Patriots (9-2) went on for a 35-17 victory.

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