The Rams were 300-1 underdogs to win the title before their fateful season.

Dick Vermeil’s season in 1998, including a 1-6 record in games decided by seven points or fewer. They had added weapons during the offseason in Colts running back Marshall Faulk and first-round pick Torry Holt, but quarterback Trent Green tore his ACL during the preseason, turning things over to backup Kurt Warner, who had thrown 11 career passes and been left unprotected (and unselected) during the offseason expansion draft.

And, oh man, his strength, his arm and his ability to read a defense make him very difficult to defend. We try to disguise the whole time versus Rodgers and Roethlisberger because if you can disguise and get them to where they don’t know what’s going on, you can get a step on them and where they are going to go with the ball.

That’s where I got it from. When I study Cover 3, I watch the Seattle Wholesale NFL Jerseys Free Shipping defense — because they do it the best. I watch Kam to see how he reads things. He’s so quick, he jumps routes. And he’s not trying to kill everyone, he’s trying to get interceptions. The QB might be getting it there a little quicker than he is, but he’s reading it and reacting.

What’s your focus when you tackle? You are physical as hell, but you don’t miss many tackles. Wrap up, leverage, head in the right spot. That’s a learned technique from ‘Bama?

That’s a Coach Saban technique. He’s always taught upfield shoulder. Some people call it near hip. I always call it upfield shoulder, because if you attack the upfield shoulder, there is nowhere the Really Cheap Jerseys guy can cut back across you or make you miss if you have an angle. So, for me, I always attack the upfield shoulder, and that’s an Alabama technique.